Stream Changes

Following on from our Network upgrades earlier this week we have made some changes to our streaming (although these will not affect the majority of you).

128k Mp3 Stereo (most popular): remains the same for the time being.

128k Mp3 Stereo (Internet Radio Dataabase): has been upgraded to 192k

64k AAC: has been replaced by a 64k MONO Mp3 stream as hardly anyone uses the AAC any more!
This 64k Mp3 stream will be added to our mobile friendly player in due course (AAC wasn’t compatible)

256k Mp3 Stereo has been removed
The HQ super quality 320k (48 kHz) stream is back but only available to Members.

This concludes our interim changes. Later this year, the major change to the 128k stereo stream will occur when it is upgraded to SHOUTcast 2.